Field Services

NCB provides quality onsite acceptance, commissioning, and acceptance testing of new power systems and apparatus; or maintenance, troubleshooting, and testing of existing systems. Additionally, we provide professional engineering services to ensure the reliable, safe operation of your electrical systems. Our onsite services are available on both a scheduled and emergency basis.

field-services-NCB-IROur onsite services encompass virtually all aspects of switchgear and components including:

  • circuit breakers
  • power transformers
  • instrument transformers
  • protective relays
  • batteries
  • metering
  • cables
  • motor control centers
  • substations
  • ground fault systems
  • grounding grids

Other power system services we provide include:

  • power factor insulation testing
  • liquid insulation (oil) testing
  • infrared thermography surveys
  • power quality/harmonic analysis
  • power factor correction studies
  • energy analysis
  • short circuit analysis
  • coordination studies
  • failure analysis

Our skilled engineers and technician are well trained and equipped with the most modern test equipment, measuring instruments, and tools.


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