We provide professional services for the following needs.


  • Retrofitting all Low Voltage Circuit Breakers Using AC Pro Trip Units- AC Pro I and AC Pro II (see pdf AC Pro Data Sheets: AC-Pro Data Sheet, Ac-Pro II Data Sheet)
  • Molded and Insulated-Case Circuit Breakers Repairs
  • Low-voltage Power Circuit Breakers Repair and Replacement
  • Medium-voltage Circuit Breakers
  • Load Break Switches
  • Motor Starters and Contactors
  • Acceptance and Maintenance Testing
  • Preventive Maintenance and Testing
  • Reconditioning and Limited Overhaul
  • Contact Replacement and Resurfacing
  • In-house or onsite repairs
  • Retrofits and Conversions
  • Retrofit of Low-Voltage Circuit Breakers
  • Medium-Voltage Vacuum Retrofit
  • Remanufacturing Circuit Breakers
  • Equipment and Parts Replacement
  • Loaner Breaker/Exchange Program
  • Infrared Surveys 2D And 3D
  • Emergency Buss Repairs
  • Low and Medium Voltage Breaker Rentals and Exchanges
  • Transformer Repair and Testing
  • Water Damage and storm recovery service
  • Emergency Buss Fabrication
  • Emergency After-Hours Service and Sales
  • 24-hour Emergency Pick-Up


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