In-house Repair

In house, rebuilding and reconditioning services

National apparatus is a leader in surplus electrical equipment remanufacturing, rebuilding and testing services. Our technicians have 30 years of experience in rebuilding both current and obsolete electrical equipment dating back to the 1940’s. Our technicians are dedicated to provide you the highest quality of services, both shop and on site services.

With a shop in both Santa Fe Springs, California and Memphis, Tennessee Florida and partners throughout the US, we are just a phone call away from taking care of your daily and emergency needs.

Whatever your electrical needs may be, from molded case breakers, air circuit breakers to matching switch gear lineups, retrofits, retro fills, infrared surveys, on-site maintenance to emergency services, we want to help.

Depending upon our customers’ needs, we provide a large range of remanufacturing, reconditioning, and repair services for all types of electrical equipment. Our remanufacturing include the following, incoming test and inspection, disassembly, visual and mechanical evaluation, component replacement or reconditioning, testing after the remanufacturing process, all standard maintenance procedures as dictated by the OEM, and full documentation of test results and equipment performance after the remanufacturing process is completed. Our warranties matches or exceeds OEM’s warranties.

  • Molded and Insulated-Case Circuit Breakers
  • Low-voltage Power Circuit Breakers
  • Medium-voltage Circuit Breakers
  • Load Break Switches Repairs and Replacement
  • Motor Starters and Contactors
  • Acceptance and Maintenance Testing
  • Preventive Maintenance and Testing
  • Reconditioning and Limited Overhaul
  • Contact Replacement and Resurfacing
  • In-house or onsite repairs
  • Retrofits and Conversions
  • Retrofit of Low-Voltage Circuit Breakers
  • Medium-Voltage Vacuum Retrofit
  • Remanufacturing Circuit Breakers
  • Equipment and Parts Replacement
  • Loaner Breaker/Exchange Program
  • Infrared Surveys 2D And  3D
  • Emergency Buss Repairs
  • Low and Medium Voltage Breaker Rentals and Exchanges
  • Transformer Repair and Testing
  • Water Damage and storm recovery service
  • Emergency Buss Fabrication
  • Emergency After-Hours Service and Sales
  • Emergency Transformer Manufacturing to 10 MVA
  • Emergency Equipment Rentals
  • 24-hour Emergency Pick-Up



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